Nu Metal Isn’t True Metal - Nu metal band with electronic elements vs. legendary metal band with intense guitar solos.

Nu Metal Isn’t True Metal

Nu Metal Isn’t True Metal, Nu metal: a term that elicits strong reactions from both sides of the metal community. Bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park might have introduced many

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Gothic men singing on stage with long black hair and tattoos in a smoky atmosphere. Goth and Metal Are Not Phase.

Goth and Metal Are Not Phase

Goth and Metal Are Not Phase - Goth and metal cultures often face a common misconception: that they're merely phases people go through, particularly in their youth. This couldn't be

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truemetal only

Posers Ruin the Scene

Posers Ruin the Scene: For those who are genuinely part of the metal scene, the music is just the tip of the iceberg. It's about the history, the ideology, and

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A powerful and energetic scene of a metal band performing on stage with the lead guitarist engaged in a complex solo, showcasing that metal requires musical mastery.

Metal Requires Musical Mastery

In the vast ocean of music genres, metal stands out as a realm of complexity, intensity, and technical prowess. Often dismissed by outsiders as mere noise or characterized solely by

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