Greetings, children of the abyss! Gather ’round, for today we’re delving into a dark and delicious morsel of musical malevolence. Yes, your ears are not deceiving you; the Norwegian black metal titans, Dimmu Borgir releases cover album that’ll make you question the very fabric of reality. Titled “Inspiratio Profanus,” this sonic behemoth is set for release on December 8 via Nuclear Blast. This ain’t your grandma’s mixtape; this is a cataclysmic collection of covers that encapsulates the essence of evil and artistry!

Dimmu Borgir Releases Cover Album

Dimmu Borgir Releases Cover Album: Who are Dimmu Borgir?

If you don’t know who Dimmu Borgir is, first off, shame on you! Secondly, allow me to enlighten your darkened soul. Hailing from Norway, the birthplace of black metal, Dimmu Borgir has been a towering presence in the extreme metal scene since 1993. Known for their symphonic and theatrical approach to black metal, these guys bring a level of sophistication to a genre often associated with raw fury.

What is “Inspiratio Profanus” All About?

Released via the ungodly awesome Nuclear Blast Records, “Inspiratio Profanus” is a tribute to the bands and artists that have shaped Dimmu Borgir’s iconic sound. This isn’t some random collection of songs; this is a carefully curated journey through the labyrinthine corridors of metal history. It includes interpretations of tracks by VENOM, BATHORY, G.G.F.H., CELTIC FROST, TWISTED SISTER, DEEP PURPLE, and ACCEPT. Each song has been soaked in the blackened essence of Dimmu Borgir, providing a unique twist on these classics.

“Inspiratio Profanus” Track List:

  1. Black Metal (VENOM)
  2. Satan My Master (BATHORY)
  3. Dead Men Don’t Rape (G.G.F.H.)
  4. Nocturnal Fear (CELTIC FROST)
  5. Burn In Hell (TWISTED SISTER)
  6. Perfect Strangers (DEEP PURPLE)
  7. Metal Heart (ACCEPT)
  8. Nocturnal Fear (Celticly Processed) (CELTIC FROST)

The Art of the Cover: A Dimensional Shift

Covers can be a tricky beast; either you pay homage to the original or you take it to new, blasphemous heights. Dimmu Borgir does both with finesse. Their version of VENOM’s “Black Metal” is a churning cauldron of sinister symphonics and shrieking vocals. It retains the raw energy of the original but elevates it to a celestial plane of malevolence.

Songs like “Satan My Master” by BATHORY and “Nocturnal Fear” by CELTIC FROST get the full Dimmu treatment—infused with atmospheric textures, guttural growls, and intricate orchestrations. It’s like the band has unearthed ancient spells to conjure a familiar yet entirely new demon.

The Unexpected Gems: Diversity in Darkness

Perhaps the most surprising tracks are covers of songs that are not from the black or extreme metal genre. Dimmu Borgir takes on TWISTED SISTER’s “Burn In Hell” and DEEP PURPLE’s “Perfect Strangers,” and the result is nothing short of spectacular. The songs undergo a metamorphosis, shed their original skin, and come out draped in the dark cloaks of symphonic black metal.

Why “Inspiratio Profanus” is a Milestone

This album does more than pay tribute to the greats; it serves as a reminder of the vast tapestry that makes up the world of metal. Dimmu Borgir shows us how the lines between sub-genres can blur, creating something that’s both an homage and a unique creation. It’s a bridge between the past and the present, a necromantic ritual that resurrects old classics through the lens of modern mastery.

Fans, Assemble!

The buzz around “Inspiratio Profanus” is electric, like a bolt of lightning striking a pentagram. Whether you’re a disciple of the old gods or a seeker of new blasphemies, this album is a must-have. Pre-orders are available, and you better believe that this unholy grail is going to sell out faster than you can say “Hail Satan!”

The Unholy Trinity of Artistry, Influence, and Innovation

“Inspiratio Profanus” is a masterpiece that stands as a testament to the art of the cover song, the power of musical influence, and the boundless realms of metal creativity. It’s a celebration, a ritual, and a revelation. Dimmu Borgir has once again proven why they’re the reigning princes of Norwegian black metal.

So, heed the call of the fallen angels and make sure you get your hands on “Inspiratio Profanus” on December 8. Let the ritual begin!

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