Hellir is a musical project that explores the dark and mysterious realm of Icelandic folklore. The name Hellir means “cave” in Icelandic, and it refers to the hidden passages that connect the surface world with the underworld. Hellir’s debut album, Wheel of Ghosts, is a concept album that tells the story of a young man who ventures into the caves in search of his lost love, only to encounter the spirits of the dead, the ancient gods, and the forces of nature.


Hellir – Wheel of Ghosts

Is a blend of atmospheric black metal, folk, and ambient music, with influences from bands such as Agalloch, Ulver, and Wardruna. The album features a variety of instruments, such as guitars, drums, keyboards, flutes, horns, and bells, as well as vocals in both English and Icelandic. The album also incorporates field recordings from various locations in Iceland, such as waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, and volcanoes, to create a rich and immersive soundscapes.

The album consists of eight tracks, each representing a different stage of the protagonist’s journey. The first track, “Entrance”, sets the mood with a haunting flute melody and a spoken word narration that introduces the story. The second track, “The Cave”, depicts the protagonist’s descent into the darkness, where he encounters the first signs of the supernatural. The third track, “The Wheel”, is a fast and aggressive black metal song that reflects the protagonist’s fear and confusion as he witnesses the cycle of life and death in the underworld. The fourth track, “The River”, is a calm and soothing folk song that represents the protagonist’s encounter with a friendly spirit who guides him to the next level. The fifth track, “The Hall”, is a majestic and epic song that portrays the protagonist’s awe and reverence as he enters the hall of the gods, where he hopes to find his lost love. The sixth track, “The Throne”, is a dark and ominous song that reveals the protagonist’s fate as he faces the judgment of the king of the underworld. The seventh track, “The Exit”, is a melancholic and hopeful song that depicts the protagonist’s escape from the underworld, with the help of the spirit he met earlier. The final track, “The End”, is a serene and ambient song that concludes the story with a sense of closure and acceptance.

Wheel of Ghosts is a captivating and unique album that offers a glimpse into the rich and fascinating culture of Iceland. The album is a tribute to the power and beauty of nature, the mystery and wonder of folklore, and the courage and love of the human spirit. Wheel of Ghosts is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. You can also follow Hellir on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and information.

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Wheel of Ghosts

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