I’ve been sick for two weeks straight, and it ain’t fun! It started a week before christmas. Not that I care to much about the freakin’ celebrations but anyway. My son was coming here this year so I wanted to be at least a little bit okay. Then just as I thought I was getting good again. And I was for a couple of days I was feeling better. Then feever fot to me again and I got worse. I missed new year and pretty much everything else.

Being Sick For Two Weeks Meant I Was Literally Lying Down In the Sofa Watching TV

Staw Wars to be more precise. I got a subscription on Disney+ and went through every Star Wars move and series in chronological order. Though I fell asleep from time to time. I don’t know about you but I think there is something about the dark side in Star Wars that really appeals to me. The sith lords are so damn evil. And their style. Like when you watch Anakin Skywalker walk towards his killing with his hoos over his head.

He might as well walk around sounding like a black metal singer. For all I care the style could pretty much be any extreme metalhead out there. Not to mention the music in the movies. It ain’t metal but it’s good, and it is dark. By the way if you head over to YouTube and search for Star Wars heavy metal you can find some cool metal covers on the theme song.

Enough of Star Wars, I’m Back On My Feet

And I still got a couple of days in calm before real life gets the best of me. It’s a new year, I turned 40 and nothing changed. Still the same old dark bastard. And still looking forward as hell for Wacken this year.

Now that I’m back from my Covid cave I can mention that the line up for Wacken this year is crazy. If you din’t already go here and check it out. I just pray to the lord of the underworld that you have a ticket. I do, if you got one I’ll see you there. If you don’t. Well then you might have to keep and eye out on my site here for some updates about the festival.


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