They simply do it again, another song I just can’t stop listening to. Arch Enemy – Sunset Over The Empire and Alissa is growling better than ever. The video is kinda brutal too. Without having to be obcene, even if that would have been pretty nice as well. Feels like the band found home when they replaced their old singer Angela Gossow.

Even though some people argue that she was way better I do not agree. Maybe more brutal but Alissa is just sharper and sounds better. And after all that is what it is about and the song is really kicking ass so to speak.

Along with the apocalyptic video which you can eitherhere:

or head over here and watch it on YouTube. The heavy riffs, Alissa’s voice and the video is just so well put together I have no words other than great stuff that kick any normie’s but so hard it’s ancestors would feel it.

When I listen to Arch Enemy – Sunset Over The Empire I really don’t get it!

I mean when normal people say metal is just abusing instruments. How can anyone not hear the beautiful melodies among the heavy drums? For me it is obvious but I guess metal was never meant to be enjoyed by anyone. That would just make it lose it’s charm somehow.

What do surprise me though is that my son is singing along as I listen to Arch Enemy – Sunset Over The Empire while I write this post. Maybe another little metalhead is born?

I hope so for two reasons. One: He gets a good taste of music. And two: it would annoy the hell out of some people I don’t like. But hey, wait?!聽

I almost forgot, I don’t like people at all. It would ruin my image as the angry son of a b***tch I am. 馃槀

Anyway, enjoy listening to the song. I just have ONE conclusion.

Arch Enemy – Sunset Over The Empire kicks ass!

Go listen to it or return to the home page and see if you see something else you like, otherwise go pump the neighbours dog again or something. Just get out of my way 馃

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