Amaranthe live in Gothenburg! Great I decided to go just the day before they we’re supposed to play there. Naive as I am I decided that we could buy the tickets the same day. As I didn’t learn from Wacken this year? Lol. Yeah right. The stupid Wacken story you can read about here.

Guess what? I logged on to Ticketmaster this morning and they were sold out. Just a couple of hours before they were not.

So I Guess I Didn’t Get To See Amaranthe Live In Gothenburg

As if that wasn’t enough!

One of their support bands was Ad Infinitum which I really wanted to see as well as I am a fan of Melissa Bonny ever since I first heard Rage of Light. It is a bummer she doesn’t sing in that band no more though. However it would have been a blast to see both them and Amaranthe at the same evening. Both are bands I really want to see live and one of few bands I didn’t already see live.

But more chances will come, hopefully at least one of them show up at Wacken 2023.

Among those I believe Butcher Babies and Beyond the Black played at that same evening but those are not the kind of bands I feel I missed out on.

I managed to find some recordings from the concert on YouTube though. Check it out here. Thankfully some metalhead had the great idea of recording some of the performance.

So I Just Have To Wait Until Another Opportunity To See Them

Or not to mention Ad Infinitum. I qould frankly love to see them too as a headliner however that is probably going to take some time before they are big enough. Meanwhile I got no reason to cry. In February it is time for Sabaton which will be a blast. Their support band Hulkoff is also a big deal. In march Beast in Black is coming to Sweden and even more fun. Is that Battle Beast will return in March. This time to my hometown so they will play at a small venue. THAT will be a big deal.


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