I’m pissed off that I can’t visit Wacken Open Air Festival 2022. It sucks. So instead I’m going to share some old funny pictures from Wacken Open Air and some other festivals. It’s been at.

Time to get sentimental!

But first a little video I found. And yes those kind of moshpits are fun.

What To Expect From A Wacken Open Air Festival Moshpit? Here’s The Answer:

You can also watch it directly on YouTube here.

I know, not everyone likes that kind of aggressive stuff but metalheads are a little bit crazy, period!

As long as it is fun then who the hell cares if you get some bruises? Not me anyway!

There has been so many crazy things happening on that festival I can’t hardly remember them all but it have always been a blast to be there. Meet with like minded people and all that.

Besides it is funny too because when you go to a place like Wacken open air festival. In spite of what’s going on, there is almost never a lot of fights and crap like you see when you go out to a normal pub so instead of complaining just let us rock.

Anyway before I forget it, if you didn’t hear Arch Enemy – Sunset Over the Empire. Go here and listen to it, it kicks ass!

So I Found Some Old Festival Pictures, Mostly Of Them From Wacken:

So What Now?

Well, I am going to keep on being pissed for not being able to visit the mecka of metal this year meanwhile you laugh at the crazy pictures.

However, one thing is for sure though, as soon as they release the tickets for next years festival I am going to be the first one to get my hands on it.


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