Can’t believe it! First time I saw Arch Enemy live was with Angela Gossow on vocals. In a small arena with about 300 people in my hometown. About ten days ago I went to Gothenburg to see them again. This time they played on a big arena. But what the fuck do you expect from a band that headlined Wacken? Anyway, Arch Enemy live in Gothenburg was amazing.

Seeing Arch Enemy live in Gothenburg was amazing. I flipped and couldn’t help myself from headbanging. But hey, that’s how it is supposed to be. As a result my neck hurt as hell the day after but it was worth it.

Not to mention that it was four bands. Unto Others, Carcass, Behemoth and Arch Enemy.

First out was Unto Others

Some American gothic metal guys who played some Misfits cover. Don’t usually like punk music but it was kinda fun to see Behemoth’s Nergal enter the stage and sing Halloween with the depressed guys in Unto Others.

Next up was Carcass

What can I say about these guys. Good death metal. Seen them couple of times before. Sure they sound great but they also sound like every other death metal band in the closet.

Now we’re talking, it was time for Behemoth

behemoth nergal behemoth live behemoth gothenburg

The polish extreme metal band with Nergal as a front man can never fail. Great show, great sound and at this point I was starting to get drunk to. What more could you wish for on a metal concert?

The Answer is Arch Enemy Live in Gothenburg!

It sure as hell was no dissapointment. From the moment Alissa, Micael and the guys in Arch Enemy entered the stage it was pure magic. Like i mentioned I flipped. Just couldn’t keep myself from headbanging. I literally could not, it was so fucking good although they played way to short time.

Who cares it was four bands!

alissa white alissa white gluz arch enemy live arch enemy live in gothenburg arch enemy alissa angela gossow

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