A band I have been longing to see live for a very long time. Battle Beast played in Copenhagen a couple of days ago. As I thought, Battle Beast live in Copenhagen was an extremely good concert. I knew they’re good live. However they we’re far better than I actually expected them to be. Noora Louhimo really is a singer that can perform live. Her vocals is something that you just have to experience.

Another Really Pleasant Surprise Was Their Support Band, Future Palace

Speaking of vocalists. That girl can sing like a sweet baby and then just turn into screaming like a beast. I recorded some clips that I put together in the video above. You should check them out. They surprised me, support bands most of the times are not that kind of pleasant surprise as they we’re. But these guys ended up on my Spotify playlist. By the way to make sure you don’t miss any of those videos you should subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

So What About Battle Beast Live In Copenhagen?

Well, be the judge of that yourself! I can just say it was as good. If not better than I expected. And on top of it all we went to Copenhagen to see them on a fucking Sunday. Seriously, what don’t you do for a good concert? I can just hope they come to Wacken next year.

Oh yes, I got a ticket!

And guess what?! The tickets for Wacken Open Air 2023 sold out on only five hours which is not surprising as Iron Maiden will headline the damn thing. Though I am not a hardcore maiden fan anymore it may be one of the last chances we get to see them. Bruce and the guys are getting old. Battle Beast are not, hopefully they come to Wacken as well. We’ll see.

Anyway if you can’t get enough of metal make sure you check out my post about the trip I took to Time to Rock Festival while being pissed of at not being at Wacken.

Stay Heavy!

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