While being amazingly pissed off for not being able to go to Wacken (which you can read more about here) I ended up on Time to Rock Festival 2022. A smaller rock festival pretty close by to where I live. Frankly I never heard of it before but who the hell cares. So… I went to…

Time To ROCK Festival 2022

While not being a known festival to me and I went only for one day. It surprised me that HammerFall was headlining the entire thing. As a result I got my dose of metal for a little while. First of all here’s some photos from time Time to Rock Festival 2022.

The festival was kinda cosy so if you at some point can’t visit any biger events like Wacken I strongly recommend you check out Time to Rock, here’s the link to their website.

Metalheads On The Road To Time To Rock Festival 2022

First Band We Saw Was Black Mamba

Never heard of Black Mamba before but what can I say. They’re good, they’re chics who play metal which I think is cool. The metal community needs more women in it. But ultimately they didn’t really play the type of music that I truly enjoy but they had a great show.

Next Up Was Crypta And Now We’re Talking My Kinda Band

Now we’re talking. Also a band full fo chics but these gals play aggressive death metal. Which is way more my cup of black (metal) coffe. If it wasn’t for this festival I would probably never hear of them. However they now have a permanent place in my Spotify playlist.

So The Main Event, HammerFall

One of few softer metal bands I actually enjoy. Maybe has something to do with the fact that it was one of the earlier bands in my metal journey. I actaully listen to them way before they got so big that they are these days. Beside’s, they’re from Sweden.

LOK (Swedish Brutal Metal From Gothenburg)

Sweden’s response to Pantera. Not exactly my favorite band but live they to dock the shit out of the crowd. Anyway, we stayed for the concert before going back home. I also think it is a bit cool that they actually sing in Swedish.

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