The start of the project Black Legion Deviant Art has been bumpy. Quite frankly I have always been pretty creative. Weird, but creative. Though I played around with Photoshop for over ten years I never really thought of doing something with it. As a result Xavi after knowing me for well over ten years asked me straight out.

“Lina!! Why the fuck aren’t you putting your shit out there? You’re good, you create good stuff but it just sits on your computer. It would even collect dust if it wasn’t just digital files. Move your ass!”

I would be mad if it wasn’t because he is right! However he told me I could borrow a space on his metal blog so the technical thing isn’t an excuse anymore either.

In other words you will see a lot more Black Legion Deviant Art stuff around

Hope you like it here’s some stuff that I played around with:black legion deviant art black legion deviant art gothic girl with skull

In case you’re thinking that it is to dark or to much nudity stay away because I’m only getting started.

There is a reason I call this project Black Legion. I have always been attracted to the dark. Not to mention the evil. Probably that’s why I get along so well with Xavi. Must say I had a really good laught when I saw all his old festival pics on this post. Though I know a lot about Photoshop I am not technical at all so I couldn’t put anything on my own website. However as far as I am concerned I am happy that he allows me to put it here. On the other hand, guess who edited the cover for this particular web site?

Enough talking! Let me show you some more stuff that make you tremble in fear

Anyway! If you like all of this dark crap and want to see more of it. Then I suggest that you follow me on Instagram here.


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