I remember when the finish monster metal band Lordi won Eurovision song contest. It was the only time I actually looked at the show. And voted. I am pretty sure that a lot of metalheads did. Say what you want about metal fans but they are way more loyal than any other music fans. It was a war, a win meant a win for the entire metal scene. Funny though. Is that after they won.

People came and ask us metalheads if we knew the new band Lordi.

Haha, for crying out loud they have been playing music since the 80ths.

And first time I saw them live, was on Wacken Open Ait and they played at a smaller stage. Here’s a link to that same concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91Npjthkq4g I was there.

Next year I will be back on the holy grounds butif you wanna find out what happened last year. Go to this post.

Later I saw Lordi was as a support band for Nightwish which honestly was Lordi who got me to go to the concert. Though I like Nightwish as well, they’re a bit to much mainstream for my taste of metal.

Another funny thing was all the noise among mainstream people that those “monsters” would have to represent Finland at an international concert.

Seriously WHO CARES?

I mean if Lordi gets people to react. Just imagine if Norway would send Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon or maybe even Mayhem. That would really get some people to tick off badly.

Why not Mayhem and as well bring the story of the band for when they summarize something before each performance.

I would vote. Some people would get pissed off but hey. What’s metal without pissing people off?

Next up for me is Sabaton in about a month. I liked them for years but have not actually seen them yet so it will be a blast.


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