There has been a a real fuckup by the Swedish government to get Sweden into NATO. Seriously I a actually mad. Yeah we have freedom of speech and all that but enough is enough already. So I am about to use that right to speak up about what I think.

About The Increadible Governmental Fuckup To Get Sweden Into Nato

If you follow the news you know what Russia is doing in Ukraine. And you probably know that Sweden and Finland are in a process to join NATO. Sure some people will argue that it is better to remain neutral.

I don’t!

If you are bullied you have to deter the bullies. In this case the bully is Russia and their quest for power. Those kind of people just understand one thing. Violence! You won’t stop them by either diplomacy or nice talks. Heck how did we stop Germany during world war two? By an invasion of Normandie and a second coutner offensive by Russia.

Either way I don’t believe that a nuclear war would solve anything BUT without NATO we are alone.

Gues What?!

After months of negotiation with Turkiye the Swedish government allow a racist prick to burn a quran right outside of Turkiyes embassy. For what?

Because we have freedom of speech they say, it is not illegal. For fucks sake if the world is at a brink of war and we are one step away from becoming full members of NATO. Here’s an article from BBC about Turkiyes response to the happenings.

Why Not Stop The Book Burning Due To National Security?

In order to get Sweden into NATO we could do a lot more. Instead of just letting a mad man upset the one country that stands in our way of a full membership. This really concludes the complete incompetence of our own government.

Why the fuck are we so stupid that we don’t stop an obvious attempt to messup our NATO joining process? Why?!

Because of freedom of speech. Seriously, some times I think even western domocracies should be a bit more authoritarian. Because obviously the people are not smart enough they need to be held on a leech.

Rant over!

Checkout what I thought about Arch Enemy and Behemoth in Gothenburg.

It was seriously better than any governmental fuckup!


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